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Hi! I'm Peppy and I started this blog for kids and adults who want to improve their English.When you have the confidence to communicate, you can really enjoy travelling and sharing information with other people. "It's a piece of cake"was started to provide you with the opportunity to learn practical English language skills and build speaking confidence. My English tutoring is ideal for language students, homemakers, and business professionals who want to brush-up their English.It is also an effective way to communicate, share our knowledge or concerns and try to give solutions whenever that's possible.

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The Mission

The website's "It's a piece of cake" mission is to help children and adults learn to speak English fluently and confidently.It is also a way to get informed about many issues related to learning and teaching.

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From this point you can start your tour!I' m warning you that there's no way back.From now on you will find all the tools and resources that will make English learning... a piece of cake!!!