The pretty Ugly princess

2014-03-16 13:56


The pretty ugly princess

Scene 1 (At the palace)

 Noble: This is our princess. She’s very pretty… but she’s got an ugly heart!

Servant :( with a tray full of food)  : Princess?

Princess: I don’t like this!

Servant: Do you like your dress, princess?

Princess: I don’t like that!

Noble: I don’t like the princess! I don’t love her!

Young Girl: I haven’t got bread. I’m hungry!

Princess: Oh, go away, girl!

Queen: Oh, dear! Don’t be so bad with that girl! She needs our help.

King: Come, young girl, the food is on the table!

Fairy godmother (to the princess): The princess isn’t good! I’ve got an idea…Your heart is ugly! Abra Cadabra Toodle  Loo. Now your face is ugly, too!

Princess: Oh, no! I’m ugly!

Fairy godmother: You can’t have a pretty face without a good heart!

Noble: Our princess has got an ugly heart. Now she’s got an ugly face too!



Scene 2 (At the wood)

1st Tree: Oooh, she’s ugly!

2nd Tree: Go away!

3rd Tree: You are very ugly!!

4th Tree: We don’t like you!

Princess: Oh, my feet! I’m cold. I’m hungry.

John: Poor girl! I haven’t got two coats but…

Princess: Thank you!

John: Here, this is my food. It’s bread and cheese.

Princess: It’s very good. Thank you! You are very good!  I’m not good!

John: Shhh. You are good! I love you! Come, my family are in the village.


Scene 3 (At the village)


Noble: The princess is happy now. She’s in the village. Look! She’s helping the young girl!

Young girl: Can you play?

Princess: Yes, I can! Come on!

Noble: Has she got a good heart now?

Fairy godmother: Hello, princess!

Princess: Oh, Fairy godmother! I’m sorry!

Fairy godmother: Is she good now?

John: Yes, she is. I love her and I want to marry her.

Young girl: She’s got a pretty heart now.

Fairy godmother: Hmm… Let’s see… Has she got a pretty face?

Young girl: Yes, she has! She’s very pretty!

Queen: Oh, my dear child! I am so happy that your heart is also pretty now!

King: Come! We have the wedding at the palace! You can all come, eat and drink with us! It is a great day today!

All: Hooray!